Mindful Body Awareness

Mindful body awareness is a way of understanding a person’s eighth sense – interoception. The other 7 senses are: taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing, proprioception (sense of body in space)  and vestibular (sense of balance).

Interoception enables you to be aware of your body in the moment, noticing exactly how it feels – both physiologically in terms of biofeedback and emotionally in terms of how you feel about or towards someone or something. However, when people are learning interoception skills they need explicit teaching which is enhanced by being mindful, actively noticing aspects of their internal body states, and then expressing what they have noticed.

Many people struggle with interoception, especially neurodiverse peoplem, for example autistics or people with ADHD. Another group of people that struggle are those who have experienced trauma, whether this was in early childhood or as an adult. It is never to late to improve your interoception or support others to do so.

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  1. […] Mindful body awareness is another way of dealing with the anxiety of the challenge. Mindfulness helps as it is a meditation technique for anxiety and there are many apps to help with that. Headspace is awesome […] you can also use the free activities in the Ready to
    learn kit (free) on mindfulbodyawareness.com or the free videos of activities on the Healthy Possibilities YouTube channel

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