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Mindful Body Awareness – Interoception

Mindful body awareness is another way of describing interoception, which is the sense of internal biological and emotional body states. For example being aware of your thirst is a type of interoception, as is knowing when your body is relaxed or tense. Without interoception we can’t connect to ourselves and will struggle to connect to others. Interoception skills are linked to well-being, both physical and mental health. Practicing mindful body awareness by doing interoception activities can build your interoception skills and increase your connections to self and others as well as support your physical and mental health.

This website offers a range of supports to enable you to build your interoception as well as for parents, carers and professionals to teach interoception to both children and adults.

3 thoughts on “Mindful Body Awareness – Interoception

  1. I recently purchased a card giving details of an interoception activity. I am a little confused, I thought there was a set of activities and not just one card but I guess the price should have alerted me to this. I have a question but don’t see any contact details so am using this form. do you have a set of interoception activity cards and if so do you sell the set or ar are they $1.50 plus postage for each card? I think the cards are a great idea especially for use in a classroom where I am planning to use these activities. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rebecca
      the card you purchased is a stress monitor card (the black diamond that changes colour when you are more/less stressed) and just has the one activity. The curriculum with lots of activities is free and is available on the website ( ). You can download that, then photocopy and laminate or use the photos as a guide to make your own class set with your students taking photos of themselves doing the interoception activities.
      kind regards Emma

  2. hello- heard you testerday on `thriving with autism` – enjoyed so much!!. am trying to download the pdf curriculum but keep gettin the one picture… i guess am doing something wrong…
    thank you Anat

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